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PUBLISHED BY WyWires - MAY 10, 2019  |  UPDATED FEBRUARY 19, 2022

WyWires digital audio cables ensure perfect electrical parameters  low capacitance, rejection of crosstalk and external interferences, perfect characteristic impedance. Our cables will resolve errors commonly known as jitter. Like all of our cables, bandwidth is very high and impedance is low and stable across the entire operating frequency of the cable, which can be as high as 60MHz. 

USB A/B: To integrate a laptop or music server to a digital analog converter (DAC)
S/PDIF: To integrate a digital transport or music server to a DAC (Logitech's Squeezebox, iPod Dock)
AES/EBU: To integrate professional grade digital equipment to a DAC


Show in Munich 2019 - We are honored to be showing with dCS (Data Conversion Systems) as they debut the Bartok DAC with Headphone Amplifier in Halle 4 Stand 09.

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