About Us

AV Launch is a website for worldwide audio and visual product news. What differs us from other sites is the fact that companies can post their press releases and product news directly onto the site, and this way you will get the news faster and unfiltered. Every company that becomes a member of AV Launch has to go through a manual registration process, and this to ensure that the news articles are both truthful and actually created by the real company.
We use Facebook login if you want to register on the site, and this will only create a simple account which gives you the oppurtunity to favorize articles, follow companies and also the ability to apply for company membership. You can read our "Privacy Policy" for more details about what type of information we retrieve from you when logging in. 
The site has just been launched, and we will bring you the whole story behind AV Launch as soon as we are back from the High End Hi-Fi show in Munich, Germany (9-12 May). 
Best regards,
The AV Launch team

Posted APRIL 28, 2019 - (Updated MAY 10, 2019)