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Salamander Credenza - a seamless stealthy solution for use with a projector
PUBLISHED BY AVLaunch.com - MAY 9, 2019  |  UPDATED JUNE 2, 2019


A Seamless Stealthy Solution for Virtually Any Decor

Accommodates Sony Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Projector, Model # VPL-VZ1000ES

  • Flush top surface, recessed projector cavity design
  • A simple installation with no need to open the wall or ceiling to run cables
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame creates a strong support skeleton
  • Built-in Louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool
  • Active cooling system automatically vents warm air
  • Pinch-out Rear Panels permit fast, easy access to components and wiring
  • Wide variety of bolt-on options and accessories: Active Cooling, Designer Footing & more
  • Pull-out interior storage options available
  • All supporting components including a speaker system can be enclosed in the credenza to provide a beautiful and simple solution. IR Repeater System required to control projector

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